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200% Deposit Bonus

Use code BOCC

$3000 in Welcome Bonuses

200 Free Spins

100% Match up to $600

50 Free Spins

100% Match up to $300

20 Free Spins

How To Play
Popular Live Casino Games

Ever been on a good win streak at one of your favourite casinos and on your way out you see a roulette table and you think, wouldn’t it be nice to double down? I think we’ve all had that thought at one point in our lives.

How To Play Black Jack

Blackjack! Besides maybe Texas hold-em this is the game you think of when you of casino card games.

Blackjack is the lowest house edge out of any casino game (the players chances of winning are the best). The reason being is that if you play blackjack correctly, you nearly always have an advantage, because the dealers are required to hit on anything 16 or lower, and in some casinos on a soft 17 (ace and 6 because this can be either 7 or 17)

Place your bet!

First thing you do is wager on the next had before you see any cards.

The dealer will start dealing clockwise.

If dealt any face card and an ace you got Blackjack! You won, unless the dealer also hits blackjack then it’s a push and you get your wager back and nothing is lost.

If you're happy with the hand you have and think it’s a winner you can stand and the dealer will move on. This will lock you in for the entire round so make sure to put some good thought into it before committing.

If you think you need some extra cards to create a winning hand you can ask for the dealer to “hit” you with another card until either your satisfied or you “bust” meaning you go over 21. If you go over 21 then you automatically lose your wager and you wait until next round to play again.

Usually you only double down on an 11, the reason being is 10 is the most likely card to be dealt, as more than one card counts for 10. Remember you will only get one additional card. The only other scenario is if the dealer has a weak card and you are feeling risky. For example, if the dealer has a 2-3-4-5-6 that is considered weak, and you may want to think about doubling down if you are holding 7-8-9-10.

If initially dealt two cards of equal value you can split them creating two hands. You will have to place a second wager (equal to your first bet). Then the dealer will give you additional cards to create two complete starter hands. Then you can continue to play the hands separately.

When dealt a bad hand, you always have the option of surrendering it, by doing this you will be awarded half of your original bet back.

How To Play Roulette

Every round you will get a chance to place your chips on as many spaces as you would like. Then the dealer spins the wheel and you pray! 

Bet: 1 – 18 or 19 – 36 | Payout : 1 – 1

Bet: Red or Black | Payout: 1 – 1

Bet: Odd or Even | Payout: 1 – 1

Bet: Dozen Bet 1 – 12,13 – 24, 25 – 36 | Payout: 2 – 1

Bet: Column Bet on 12 Numbers | Payout: 2 – 1 

Bet: Five Number Bet | Payout: 5 – 1

Bet: Six Line Bet on Six Numbers | Payout: 5 – 1

Bet: Corner Bet on Four Numbers | Payout: 8 – 1

Bet: Street Bet on Three Numbers | Payout: 11 – 1

Bet: Split Bet on Two Numbers | Payout: 17 – 1

Bet: Straight Up Bet on One Number | Payout: 35 – 1

The Well Known Martingale Strategy

A lot of people use this for playing roulette, but use this at your own risk!

How To Play Bacccarat

This game is very simple and tons of fun, with some of the best odds when it comes to table games. This one will have you playing for hours on end.

The object of Baccarat is to bet on which hand will add up to closest to 9. There are a few minor rules to the game and how its played.

Two hands are dealt

A dealer hand and a players hand are both dealt. Each hand consists of two face up cards. Sounds simple but there is some math involved when it comes to going over 9. If a hand goes over 9 then 10 is subtracted from it, if that hands value is less then 5 then a third card will be placed to try and bring the total closer to 9. Whichever hand is closer or equal to 9 wins.

Betting Tie

The dealer deals two hands. A Dealer Hand & A Players Hand each with 1:1 odds! But there’s a third option, you can put your money on those two hands adding up to exactly the same, this option awards 8:1 odds.

#1 Live Games Provider

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming is the industry leader in live games, from game show games to black jack, roulette, and other popular live table games like baccarat.
Most gambling websites use Evolution to facilitate their live games, so in many cases when you join one of their live black jack tables you are in the table with people from all over the world. Most Canadian governments have partnerships or agreements with Evolution to only allow live gaming on their own websites. Therefore in many cases if you live in Canada you are stuck playing the computer generated versions on these websites as opposed to the live versions.

Why We Are Qualified

Why are we qualified to write online casino reviews? We have years of experience in the gambling world, over the last 25 years we have gone from playing professional poker, to sports gambling, and even streaming slots for entertainment. We know the ins and outs of how casinos work both by playing on, and partnering with casinos. We now do consulting on casino start-ups and consulting full time, as well as constantly looking for new content and strategy for our own website.


We have a unique skill set, that has been developed for better or for worse, from gambling extensively from a very young age, although we don't regret it at all, we have always gambled responsibly and made a tonne of good connections and relationships along the way. Gambling has always been a part of our lives, there probably hasn't been a day in the last 10 years where we haven't placed some sort of bet.


We aren't some gambling gurus that are trying to sell people on a winning strategy, gambling should always be a form of entertainment, and not a source of income. That being said with some strategy and the use of good deposit bonuses, you can have a much better chance of winning instead of losing. 


We are here to provide you with strategy and wisdom that we wish we had from the very start. If that can help make your experience more enjoyable then that's our goal.