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200% Deposit Bonus

Use code BOCC

$3000 in Welcome Bonuses

200 Free Spins

100% Match up to $600

50 Free Spins

100% Match up to $300

20 Free Spins

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200% Deposit Bonus

Use code BOCC

$3000 in Welcome Bonuses

200 Free Spins

100% Match up to $600

50 Free Spins

100% Match up to $300

20 Free Spins

Online Slots

Online slots are versions of your favourite casino games recreated to serve the online gambling community.

What Are Online Casino Slots?

Online casino slots are completely random, there is no way to really know when or how much you're going to win and I believe that’s the draw to them. You can put 5 dollars into a slots and win 10,000 dollars of real money, sounds pretty good to me. I will warn you though these games can become very additive so please only gamble what you can afford and don’t get sucked into chasing the dream of getting rich off online gambling.

Key Features Of Online Casino Slots

Paylines are the lines across the game that match up symbols and create combinations that determine how your spin preformed. Some of the most popular games have up to 117,00 Paylines.

Free Spins are fairly self-explanatory. Online slots are pretty generous when it comes to free spins since they want to keep your interest peaked and that wheel spinning.

Scatter Symbols are predetermined symbols that don’t have to appear in the exact line but can still award you a pay out or start bonus games within the slot you are playing. 

Wild symbols are the greatest thing going, they can substitute any symbol to help build a combination and can also possess multipliers for bigger wins.

Slot multipliers are what gets me excited when it comes to slots. When you see your big hit double or even triple that’s what gets the ole heart rate going. Some games allow up to 500x multipliers. 

Bonus games are an extra game that can be triggered within your slots. This is what you are looking for because bonus games are where you can hit your biggest wins.

The Popular Slots To Play

There are a lot of cool slots with real money out there. I believe from the trends out there that Sweet Bonanza, Gates of Olympus and Wanted Dead Or A Wild are the top 3 real money online slots on the market right now. Personally I like to play Wanted Dead or a Wild, it could be that I generally lean towards anything to do with cowboys because of my weird obsession with the John Wayne and Dean Martin movies. But that aside when it comes to slots to play I do tend to find myself spending the most time on that particular slot.

Progressive Slots

This is my favourite type of slots to play, there is no fixed amount on the payout. These slots have a progressive amount of money that increase as players play on these slots with real money.

Vegas Slots

These slots are, you guessed it, the same slots you would see in a regular Vegas casino.

Video Slots

These slots are very fun with different symbols and ways to win. When you learn how the individual slot game works you will be on the edge of your seat praying for the right lines to match up for big wins.

Penny Slots

Penny slots are games played with small bets. Although the games are played with small amounts of money these are slots with real money.

High Volatility Slots Vs Low Volatility Slots

In the online gambling industry there are literally tens of thousands of online slots available. A big thing is choosing between high volitility or low volitility slots.

High Volatility Slots

I personally prefer high volatility slots, for one reason and one reason only, I want to win big! With a high volatility slot, you are much more likely to lose your money, but when you win, you generally win big. Make sure if you are going to play these games you are mentally and financially ready to lose the money that you deposited, in hopes that you get a 5000x at some point, and laugh all the way to the bank.

Low Volatility Slots

In a low volitility game, you are often able to play with a smaller amount of money for a long time, because the wins and losses are usually not extreme. If you want to see if you like online slots, these are definitely the way to go.

The Top Slot Providers

Pragmatic has a very strong foothold on the slots market, many of their games are among the most popular slots in the world including Gates of Olympus and Sweet Bonanza. Pragmatic makes very colourful and fun to play games, with some of the best bonus rounds available. Their most popular slots are very high in volatility, generally the max win is between 5000x and 10000x your bet. I myself have hit 3 max wins on Gates of Olympus alone. These are some of the most volatile slots out there, meaning in a lot of the bonus rounds you don’t get a ton in return, but when you hit a max win, there is almost no better feeling in the entire industry.

More info on Pragmatic Solutions

Yggdrasil is famous for what I call the money back scam. A lot of times in the bonus rounds in these games it looks like you can win absolutely massive, but then you end up just getting your money back (100x your bet) every once in a while these games break loose and you have a huge win on your hands. They are famous for the pop games like Cherry Pop and Bounty Pop. These are some of my favourite bonus buy games out there with one catch, you can gamble the bonus buy for more spins and if you miss a few in a row it can put even some of the most seasoned gamblers on tilt.

More info on Yggdrasil

No Limit City is probably the most risk reward slots out there. Some of the No Limit slots have as high as 150,000x your bet as a max win, with some very exciting games like Money Train. The only problem I have with No Limit City is that if you don’t hit big, you usually don’t hit at all.

More info on No Limit City

Play N Go has a lot of great slots, like Jammin Jars, and Reactoonz. Play N Go is a slightly less volatile game that you can still hit really big with. They also have some of the best animations available and really fun to play games.

More info on Play N Go

Hack Saw has a very big following; some people absolutely love these games, but these are usually the few people that have hit huge. It is very common for a bonus buy on a Hack Saw game to pay back almost nothing. They are very popular because when they do hit big, they absolutely pop off, but it is few and far between. I am still waiting on my big win from a Hack Saw game.

More info on Hack Saw Gaming

Two Crucial

When playing online we live by these two simple rules.

Never Chase Losses

This tip could help you stay in the game longer, just because you lost 20 dollars right off the bat doesn’t mean you need to start increasing your stakes to attempt to win it all back at once.

Most online slots are set at a default bet/stake

It could be .50 cents or a dollar, but make sure to check that right away and switch it to your pre-determined bet. Remember we're here to have fun, not to chase the dream of winning two million and retiring so don’t blow it all in two spins.